Sunday, May 11, 2014

What will cover it?

I have learned over the years, the writer's primary focus should be putting out the best story one can. There is a tremendous amount of 'pouring one's soul' into the story, the writing, editing, character development and everything else. At the end, the author should feel tremendous about the product produced. Then it's ready, right?

Not so fast, mon ami. Say what? Yep, there is still a monumental decision yet to make. The world is a visual place, and the advent of the internet and ebooks makes it even more so. Nothing grabs a potential customer, yes, you all are customers, like an outstanding cover. 

It's true. One of the first things a reader will fixate on is a visual cue; the image on the book. The book cover. It is your handshake to the reading market. Hello, look at me. My image tells you what you are in for. I'm exciting, I'm romantic. I'm an adventure. That is what you want to convey to prospective readers.

The problem is, no matter how gifted an author may be, most, are not designers. They have limited knowledge of how or what to design. Most can tell you what looks great, or what appeals to them, but they can't design it. What does happen, is, most hire the cover design out to artists and illustrators. Then, like most other design projects, after some give and take, a final design is settled upon and the launch countdown begins.

So, what is this? It's the launch countdown to a cover reveal....

You just don't get to see it all yet. But, it's coming, coming soon. Book 2 of The Last Elf Prophecy.

Stay tuned.....

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