Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's a cover to do?

To all those who follow along with my little blog, I appreciate your patience with this little game I have played. It has been fun for me to string you all along. Sometimes, we poor, bumbling authors just need to build the suspense, soooooo....

Here it is, the cover for book two of The Last Elf Prophecy; Decimation of Allingaard

I hope to release the book itself within the next two weeks. Look for it on Amazon and it will follow as well, Barnes and Noble and iTunes as well as a couple other outlets. I hope the wait has been worth it for those who enjoyed the first of the series, Sands of Nevertime.

Thanks for playing along....


  1. Very nice. Lots of luck with this!

  2. Thanks, Irene. Best of luck on Secrets. I'm looking forward to putting it on my summer list.