Thursday, May 29, 2014

Write or wrong

Several years ago when my brother and I began this blog, it was for fun; it was an attempt for an aging man to chronicle his thoughts as he journeyed through life. As 'Ramblings' approaches 20,000 visits, albeit many, many returns from the same viewers, and has in excess of 500 posts, it has become a little more than what it started out to be.

Although I still chronicle my thoughts on various subjects as we spin along on our blue marble, it has also given rise to a writer's heart. I have been writing for over two decades. It began with The Crystal Point trilogy and has since blossomed to several books and short stories. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and it is one I shall continue as long as I am able.

The publishing industry has changed dramatically in just a few years. The powerful publishing houses that have ruled the roost have seen their influence dwindle with the advent of the ebook. Publishers were the kings of the written world, but in a real sense, they were also the gatekeepers. It was they who decided who was let into the club. What the ebook has done is open a wondrous world of high caliber writers to the public. Unfortunately, it has also allowed barnstorming by those who couldn't string two sentences together coherently. But in a way, there have always been crappy books on the shelves, no matter who the gatekeeper has been. What one person thinks is a five-star, another thinks it belongs in the toilet.

Today, my sixth novel, Decimation of Allingaard, is now available on It is the second book in an epic fantasy series. It has truly been a labor of love and diligence to bring this to you. I hope you enjoy the effort.

And thank you for following along.

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