Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peeved to meet you

Just a quick list of things I can do without:

Phone calls to a business where you leave a message asking for a return call that you never get

Same with e-mails

Typos in books allegedly edited by a professional editor

Windshield wipers that only streak or smear in your line of vision, no matter how you adjust your seat or posture

Toilet paper rolls with one sheet remaining for your use

"Free" offers that require a payment for shipping and handling; if you have to pay for it, it ain't free

Deejays who tell you the next 5 songs to be played; I prefer to be surprised

People who use the pronunciation "thuh" when it should be pronounced "thee"; e.g. "thuh only one". Sister Raymond would rap your head for that one.

"One of the only"; "only" is singular; "one of the few" is the correct usage

A sportscaster or reporter who talks about a team "starting" the season on a streak, such as 12-0 (in a 14 game season!), which begs the question, "When, exactly, does the 'start' of a season end?"

Saran Wrap

Billy Mayes

Paris Hilton et al

Pronouncing "nuclear" as "NEW-cyoo-ler"

Scrabble names (props to Robert T)

Sneezing; I would rather cough

Brent Musberger

A basketball is not a "rock" or a "pill", it is a basketball

Hallmark Hall of Fames presentations: they are all invariably a sappy story starring a Northern woman who attempts to portray a Southern woman, complete with a bad impression of a Southern accent. All of this can be determined by one viewing of a commercial for the show.

The Price is Right

Political commentators who tell you what you have just heard the president say

The opposition party's "response" to said speech that does not directly "respond" to anything he said

Supermarket "10 for 10" specials for products that you would need 10 lifetimes to use all 10 of

Government documents in a language other than English

"Political correctness" - that's YOUR politics, not mine

Those who take umbrage at something that was said when the person to whom the comment was directed either laughs or shrugs it off and declares it "no big deal"

The Wave

Renewable energy sources - there is no such thing

We're going green!

The PGA Tour without Tiger Woods

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration" - why not? It's their job.


Global warming

Polls as news

It is more expensive to eat healthy than to not do so


  1. Pressing one to speak English. It's America - let them press "one" for Spanish, we shouldn't have to press anything to have a conversation in English. I tell anyone from any business I talk to that it's offensive - it's America. Speak English!

  2. And don't forget the classic; Earn up to 50,000 or more. Up to means you can't exceed that number.