Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I can't explain

This blog is mostly about my thoughts on various subjects and those items we deal with in our everyday lives on which I may have an opinion. There are however, things in life I can't explain. This list is not all-inclusive and may be revisited at a later time.

Does the universe end at the last star?: If it's not then the universe what is it?

String theory.

Women and shoes: Sorry, I've got nothin' for this one.

New math: I had a conversation with Minuteman 76 on this who is two decades my junior( and much smarter than I) and I couldn't even define it. It was old math, then new math that I guess is now old math again and no one even speaks of it. I remember something about 'base 8'.

White guys who dress like black guys: If that's the African-American culture, fine. It's not your culture.

P shizl.. fizzle..dizzle...whatever, dude.

Women who dress like longshoremen.

Women body-builders: I wouldn't want to date someone who can kick my butt.

Why can't African nations have a stable government.

Why people think socialism works: It hasn't worked yet.

Why the French even bother with an army. (Have they won anything since the French-Indian War?)

Jerry Springer.

What was there before the 'Big Bang'?

Why can't you dangle a participle.

Why eco-friendly cars look like a dork designed them.

If the speed of light in a vacuum is constant (186,000 miles/sec), why isn't time constant?

How you can look at the intricacies of life and not believe in God.

Why does the sight of My Beloved take my breath away?: She always does!


At some time I may revisit this list when I think of other stumpers in life. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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