Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your opinion isn't mine

On my drive to work this fine Saturday morning I happened to tune the radio to an AM call-in show. The topics discussed are those of the listeners (callers) choosing. The host has very little to say. It is an open forum, one I usually do not enjoy. At that time of the morning there is very little else to listen to, myself not one for music every hour of the day. It would likely be a better listen if callers were limited to once per month or some such rule. Unfortunately it tends to be the same callers every week espousing the same subjects.

Why would that be such an issue, you say? It is the voice of the people! As I listened what came to mind was why I find it tedious. Call after call no matter the topic gave an opinion that was totally inflexible. The voices scream out black and white. My voice is unwavering and righteous. If your opinion is not mine we must be diametrically opposed and therefore you are wrong. Be it political or not, opinions of justice or rights, that one view seems to be their single focus.

Unfortunately I feel a sadness for them. The world and their issues are not so black and white. Almost nothing is, not even the color of one's skin. The world is shades of gray, dark to light and light to dark. No single view of an issue is correct be it religious, political, economical or other. The only real answer is a blend of all the right parts from each of us, yours, mine, your brother and your neighbor down the street.

The only true black and white question you love the Yankees, or hate them. I'm a hater.


  1. Blasphemer!

    We here at the North of 50 manse are Yankees fans!

    Your opinion MUST be wrong!

  2. That's why I hate call-in shows. It's even worse with a host because they just talk over those who don't agree and hang up on them. What's the point of a talk show if you only hear one side of the story? I want intelligent discussion, not raving lunacy!

    By the way, the Yankee question is not black or white. I pick gray - who cares about the Yankees!!