Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheater, cheater, cheater!

A recent cheating scandal has hit a high school in Ohio. The graduating class of Centerburg High School has ninety-seven graduates. Hooray for them. It is an accomplishment. Unfortunately it has been reported that up to half either knew of or were involved in a cheating scandal.

One of the students broke into the school's computer and was able to download tests. These reportedly were then distributed around the school. This happened months ago and it was deemed no one in particular could be held responsible. In the last week of school the school board cancelled graduation for all involved. It has become an outrage in the town. So much so that the town held their own graduation ceremony for the students in a public park. They took matters into their own hands and celebrated with the kids.

The school board held their first open meeting the other day since the cancelling of the graduation. Although it was not violent (they were prepared with deputies), the school board and the principle took their lumps from those attending. There were some supporters but most unleashed their fury on the board with calls for them not to be re-elected for the next term. They were told the board brought disgrace on this class and the community.

Ahem, let me enlighten the parents. Initially on the surface I was surprised the ceremony was cancelled. My thoughts were, how could they punish the entire class for the actions of just a few? If the board knew of this for months, why is it that this was not brought out sooner? It is obvious they were not able to track down the actual student who did the deed and it seems it was a wide-ranging coverup by the students.

On second thought, I applaud the board for doing what they did. I heard the parent's comments on the news and they were not pleasant. My question for you is where were you when your son or daughter didn't come forth and own up. The board did not bring this down on the students, the students did this to themselves. If I were part of this class I would be furious with my fellow students. Don't blame the board, blame the students and blame the parents for not digging deeper into this themselves. Children of that age aren't going to tattle on their fellow students. It isn't in their makeup. They are slaves to peer-pressure. I blame the parents for not pushing this forward. Why did you not demand answers before?

For those who blame the school board for this, you've just told them to ignore the next scandal that comes around. You left the dirty work for someone else to do and then complained about it. You can't have it both ways. Think that will make Centerburg look great in the news?


  1. You have hit the nail right on the head.

    There is an unrelated college cheating bit going on, although in minor details, according to the NCAA. A number of schools are committing "secondary" violations, ones that are "punished" by an official "tsk-tsk" and nothing else. The new Tennessee football coach has committed at least 4 of these already, and boasts he is doing his job to get UTenn on ESPN and other sports center style shows, getting the "brand name" of UTenn back in the news again.

  2. My question is, did they just cancel graduation or did they actually not give students their diplomas? Personally I feel that the latter would have been a much more suitable punishment. The longer this stays in the news, the harder it is going to be for those kids to find a college (if they haven't already) or to not possibly loose scholarships over this. Atleast that is what I would do if I were a college administrator.

  3. The board canceled the official ceremony, and said they would mail the diplomas. The ceremony that was held was by the students and their families, no school board people were around. As far as I know, the diplomas would still be mailed later.

  4. Oh well that isn't too harsh of a punishment. To me if they wanted to punish the students they should have denied them their diplomas altogether.

  5. Guess this is where going to school with nuns comes in - Catholic justice! If nobody will admit, everyone is guilty as we are all our brother's keeper. Always worked will in our family and still works for mine and for the kids I teach. Somebody knew and their conscience should have guided them - not resting on "it's not my job to tell!". What does this say for the parents of the town and how they are raising their children with a distinct lack of morality and ethics?