Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Rambling on after Fifty

As the light from this Monday fades and twilight hastens the day toward night, I cross a personal terminal shock as midnight reveals a new day. I turn the dramatic '51' and officially enter the second half of my first century of life. I know, technically '50' is the end of the 50th year and the first day after that begins my 51st year. But until one hits the mark one is not seen as being in the latter half.

So what does one do now that he, or she has entered this unknown realm. As I have only known the prior half I will need guidance. Fortunately for me I have several experienced voices to call upon. Graybeard leads the way and doubtless has thoughts on the subject, some of which may even be fit to print. The Stache has his own thought process which I have never always completely understood. Needless to say he is experienced and a right bright fellow but a little shy on advise. North of 50 while similar in temperament and thought is dipping his toes in a nearby vacation watering hole and is unavailable for public comment. I guess that leaves me on my own to venture forth into this brave new world.

As this year I have started this 'ramble' I suppose it shall be the vehicle of my discovery. I shall lean on My Beloved as I progress and so it shall be she will undoubtedly have her own thoughts on my experiences to come. To that end we, My Beloved and I have made a pact to be together until we are at least 92 years of age. It just seemed like a nice round number. Perhaps we will see triple digits.

To that end I will continue this nonsense of rambling, accounting my life experiences and random thoughts along the way. So rest assured, Rambling50 will be not be renamed for at least nine more years.


  1. Dang, you're old! Happy Almost Birthday!

  2. Amelia says - does that mean you have to be North of 50 and Don has to be Norther of Fifty?

  3. Mr. Krinkles says Don needs to be South of Sixty now so you can be North of Fifty.