Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's over!

It's over! Thank God in heaven the day of digital television has arrived. Shout it from the mountain tops, let the digital converter boxes sing!

It has been nearly two years in the making to get the good old USA converted to digital television. Two years of constant nagging by crawlers across the bottom of your television screens, on newscasts and countless newspaper articles. You'd think we just won WWII again. The transition should have been completed on February seventeenth. Somehow that didn't work out. I think I know why.

Our government, in it's infinite wisdom decided to put the date of reckoning off five months. Heaven forbid someone would miss out on another episode of The Simpsons. I'm all for helping those of little means but it's television. When did TV become a birthright in the land of the free? This delay was caused by those that are too lazy to get the information they needed or were waiting on another handout from someone else so they didn't have to do any of the work. On this evening's local newscast the anchor hooked up a digital converter box to a television to show us all how it's done. It amazes me that took two years for people to figure out. They didn't figure it out because they didn't want to. Every electronic device someone has an interest in they quickly learn, cell phones, Ipods and everything else. Nope, not digital converter boxes.

I understand for some TV is their window on the world; but come on, it's television, get over it.

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  1. This morning brought a news item about the digital switcheroo which mentioned that the FCC estimates over a million people are going to be without their precious tv signals after analog bites the dust today, and there were to be "4,000 operators" standing by to take calls from all the procrastinators, the confused, and the ignorant who have not yet figured out how to accomplish this relatively simple transition.

    I was going to use the old phrase "the lame, the halt, and the blind", but I decided that would be an insult to those who are so afflicted, and who have likely already managed to make this switch without problem.

    I can hear in my mind's ear (as it were) the Geico Gecko saying, Now look her, no offense, but it is folks like you what give stupid people a bad name."