Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

As the title states, happy new year. It is the second decade of the twenty-first century. I remember years ago trying to figure out how old I would be when 2000 arrived (42). That sounded really really old at that time in my life. That seems such a long time ago.

My Beloved and I took a little trip to celebrate the new year. We usually don't go out for New Year's Eve but we wanted something different this year, and I'm glad we did. Our side trip was over to the gambling barges in the great state of Indiana. One of the barges has now been replaced by a full-fledged casino. It's big and bright and just what the doctor ordered. We both needed to get away for some time to ourselves.

We don't have much to lose and we know our limits but it doesn't cost any more for this trip than it would any other once you consider hotel and meal expenses. Often our meals are 'comped' and sometimes the hotel room if we stay on site. My Beloved is the ring-leader as I follow from slot to slot. In Vegas that gets you free bourbon. Not in Indiana. What she likes to do is mostly penny slots. She enjoys the extra bonus games. I am partial to nickel machines that limit the lines to nine and three wheels. A little old school, I guess.

Several things occurred to me as we wandered through the rows of clinking machines. One: Indiana obviously didn't invest any of the 'tobacco settlement fund' in smoking cessation programs. Two: all of the good looking people in that state don't come out until after ten o'clock. Three: If Indiana weren't a northern state it would fit quite nicely between Louisiana and Alabama. Four: little old blue-hairs that can't figure out how to sign their names on a credit card machine in the grocery store know every payline, trick and slot in the place. I guess it's what you really want to know that's important.

Hope everyone has a joyous and prosperous new year.
(Wow, wasn't that a great Rose Bowl?)


  1. Hmmm...better do a little re-checking on that "second decade" bit.

    I have never liked anything about the state of Indiana, but I did enjoy my only trip to the riverboat with you.

    I was very pleased to see all the prognosticators and the 75% of those who voted on ESPN pick Oregon; I was quite confident the Mighty Buckeyes would prevail.

    Yessirree Bob did they ever!

  2. Oh well, first mistake of the year. I'm sure it won't be the last.

  3. Anytime I watched too intently, they started doing bad. You'll be happy to know that I stepped back and started wandering in and out and that seemed to do the trick! It's a blessing and a curse! The parade was nice, all three times someone from out household saw it yesterday.

  4. Sounds just like how my wife normally behaves when it comes to OSU football, although we did watch the entire game together.

  5. Great game. I didn't get to watch it until Sunday, but since we're in PA I managed to avoid hearing the outcome.