Thursday, January 28, 2010

High praise and condemnation

Another year has come and gone and as per his constitutional duties, our president gave his State of the Union to congress last night. As I was at work till late I missed most of what was said so on returning home I decided not to watch the last few minutes. What's the point, I thought.

I had missed the most important parts. Not the speech, mind you. What is important is the histrionics that takes place every year; the battle of the absurd between the ruling party and the opposition. That is every bit as telling of the state of our union as the speech itself. I like to watch every year, My Beloved could care less. Each address is filled with pregnant 'no applause moments', roars of cheer from one side while the other coldly sits on their hands. Al Gore always clapped like a monkey with big rubbery hands and Nancy Pelosi, as I stated last year got a thigh master workout from jumping up and down so often.

This goes back through the years and decades as far as I can remember. Some of Mr. Reagan's speeches had wonderful moments from both parties. And now the opposing side gets to give their rebuttal. This I can do without. It used to be someone stood up and gave their speech to the cameras. Last night, he had an entire chamber filled with adoring clappers. If the president must give a speech to half a room that is filled with disdain, then so must the rebuttaler. (Is that a word?) I think it's only fair. It's time the politicians began to take governing seriously instead of playing like high school 'cliques'.


  1. Nancy Pelosi, and cliques.

    Happy Anniversary, BTW.

  2. Grammar.

    That was the work of an editor with fact-check and spelling, not grammar.

  3. GrammAr Nazi, Spelling Nazi, Fact Nazi, whatever! Don't you know bloggin, emailin and textin is exempt from such sillyness.

  4. Sorry for the errors as this piece was written in haste. I was trying to sneak one in before we went to the big gala in Texas. Usually I reread these several times but this one I didn't. Errors corrected

  5. No, you crumbled under the Nazi pressure!