Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

If the snow would only stay off the roads it would be just fine.

A large portion of the United States is socked in under a major winter storm, and despite multi-day warnings that it would hit today, which the forecasters actually got correct(!), our gallant road warriors, as they like to be called, did not live up to their reputation.

Actually, they probably did, as it seems that no matter how much notice we have, when the snow falls, the roads do not get cleared well at all. The most annoying part of taking a 30-minute commute and making it into a 2-hour commute are all the idiots who believe it is more important that they get where they are going than it is for the rest of us to do so, and these enlightened individuals decide it is better for them to sit in the middle of a downtown intersection blocking traffic than it is to actually have to wait at a light for it to change. It apparently does not occur to them that it takes them (and everyone else) longer to get where they are going because they are not moving!

When the storms hit, I usually anticipate a 2-hour drive home. I did have to suffer through a 3-hour drive home once; I hope once is all I will ever have to put up with.

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: just wish the Good Lord would find a way to make the snow not fall on the roads!


  1. Perhaps we can get federal stimulus money to put in heated streets. Look at all the road warriors we wouldn't have to pay overtime to, to plow streets year after year. And the salt savings, wow.

  2. There are heated sidewalks in front of my building downtown. Wish they all had 'em, because most businesses do not shovel the sidewalks and the footing can be treacherous.

  3. Is all that salt an enviromental hazard? Isn't that why they use lots of sand now, too? Or kitty litter!

  4. They are mixing in more brine and beet juice to the salt these days.

    We're gonna be green someday!