Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hear nothing

It is odd what we as a society think is important. What values do we put over others? What should we as parents and grandparents protect our families from? What images? What language? What trends that percolate throughout the world should make us a gatekeeper? Sadly, many are conflicting.

As I watched an episode of 'wildest criminals' (or whatever it was called) with My Beloved, I was struck by what I believe is an absurdity. As a rule I don't think much of these programs however there was nothing else of interest at the time. (Imagine that, three hundred channels and nothing to watch.) There was an instance caught on tape of a thug robbing a convenience store. He sucker-punched an old man who was the clerk knocking him to the ground. He fought back but was unable to completely defend himself finally succumbing to the robbers wishes. After being dragged around and bleeding from his face he handed over the cash. A sad tale.

What surprised me about this episode is not what was shown but what was not. In their infinite wisdom of what is acceptable, sensors chose to show an elderly man beaten in a robbery but chose to 'bleep out' profane language. Multiple f-bombs were bleeped as the thug went about his business. They decided it was acceptable to view an extreme, unprovoked violent act but drew the line at a 'bad' word. I for one would much rather have a child exposed to 'f' than such a violent act.

Is a single word more powerful than multiple images of violence? The old quote of "the pen (words) is mightier than the sword" may ring true as a generality of opinion but it pales in comparison to such a scenario.

"I hear nothing! Nothing!" (Sgt. Schultz)

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  1. One of the cable channels regularly bleeps out certain George Carlin words, but will leave in, in it's entirety, g*****n (probably written with a capital G in the script).