Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just when you think you've seen it all

Recently in the sporting world two highly paid morons pulled guns on each other in the locker room. Two members of the Washington Wizards, on Christmas Eve no doubt, drew guns on each other over a gambling debt. This news was not brought to light for several days.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks. One said it was a joke but others do not. One report says the guns were unloaded. Unloaded or not, what reasonably intelligent adult believes it is a good idea to keep guns in your locker? Why are these two still walking the streets? They have not been arrested as yet. If I took a gun into my workplace I not only would I be in jail, I wouldn't have a job. My question is, why do these two?

Just because you play professional basketball doesn't put you above the law. I believe it is illegal to possess firearms in public places such as arenas. Does it matter that there wasn't a game in progress? Do the rich get special treatment? Where in the NBA's collective bargaining agreement does it state players are allowed to violate the law? Were they going to fight off terrorist attacks?

In my view, David Stern, the NBA commissioner should step in immediately and suspend both players. Too bad for the team. Don't hire thugs/morons to play for you. After a full investigation is done, if it is determined no laws were broken they can be reinstated. If laws were broken they should be punished accordingly and then suspended for at least a year from the league. That type of conduct can't be condoned for an institution with a public face. Years ago the Washington Wizards changed their franchise name from the Bullets because they thought it sent a bad message. At that time Washington D.C. was considered the murder capitol of America. My how far we've come.

In fact, only one thing about this episode surprises me. Reportedly, the Reverend Al Sharpton has prompted the commissioner to investigate and punish the two players. This is a turn of monumental proportions. Rev. Sharpton has done nothing but defend black athletes and individuals over the years. It has never been 'their' fault. It's always society's fault. He stated it is time black athletes are held to the same standards as white athletes instead of perpetuating a stereotype. (This is not a quote but the intent of his statements).

It's about time the good Reverend started thinking with his brain instead of his skin. I welcome the insight.

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  1. I was a bit puzzled last week or so when a Congressional sub-committee took testimony from two high-profile athletes about concussions, in light of recent decisions by the NFL, but also asked for testimony from the good Rev himself.

    Maybe they thought, as I often do, that some of what the Rev says sounds as if he has butted his head against walls without a helmet too many times.