Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Heretic III

As I drove into work this morning I happened to listen again to one of my least favorite radio programs. But, at 7:30am on a Saturday there's not much to listen to. It's the local open phone call in show and we were subjected to the religious pontifications of a caller. He was expounding on why the Trinity is so important in our lives. That's great.

He kept referring to the Bible like it was the only book he had ever read. I have previously given my thoughts on it's contents in this ramble and will not repeat them again, save to say I can't believe someone, or anyone would wrap their entire belief structure around the contents of a single book. Would you do it for any other piece of literature? I wouldn't.

What started me a'thinkin' was actually a scientific notion. What happens in fifty or five-hundred years when, as I believe will happen eventually, our human race discovers life on another world? It could be microbial, or fully developed and completely unlike ourselves. The Bible says God made man in his own image. Yes, I believe that. But what will happen to the belief structure of others who don't believe in evolution? Microbial or simple multi-cell life would possibly put a damper on that one but most assuredly a fully developed life form different from mankind would squash the beliefs of many.

I often think most Bible-thumpers have a much too narrow view of God. In His infinite wisdom He created us and most likely others as well. Don't let the narrow-minded printed word from a single book become your only view of God. Expand your thoughts and beliefs and you might just get a greater sense of majesty, awe and reverence for your Creator.

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