Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Truman Show

This may be a little long-winded. I'm not sure where this will take me; I like to keep posts less than novella length, but here goes.

I won't pretend I can see into the future and tell everyone how the health care legislation will affect us. I'm sure no one foresaw everything the Medicare program could have wrought over the years. Obviously there are good points and bad points to any legislation, hopefully the good will outweigh the bad, but at this time no one will be able to tell and if they assure you they can, they are delusional. The program is too complex for anyone, and I mean anyone to have all the answers.

My objection to this whole thing is how our beloved congress went about the whole thing. It stinks of bribery and I'm sure other things that are likely illegal, at least if the rest of us were involved. Congress, in its infinite wisdom has exempted itself from itself. Whatever the consequences of this legislation they will not be forced to have their lives interrupted by its inconveniences.

It seems to me that all rules regarding the US Congress should be thrown out and the entire process started over. Everything should be transparent, no backroom deals, no smoke filled rooms. C-Span should be turned into one big reality show with members of congress followed by a camera at all times. They may be allowed bathroom breaks but only in approved rooms. Congress is a mess and it's time to get things cleaned up. No longer should they be exempt from their own rules. If legislation is passed they need to feel its full effects in their personal lives.

Congress has likely caused as many problems with this country has they have solved. They continue to rob social security to pay for other things year after year yet their own pensions are exempt. I would propose the entire pension fund for congress be thrown into social security and that is what they have to live on when they retire. With the new medical legislation, that should be their only option along with whatever else the rest of us have available.

All legislation going forward should be limited to items that pertain to the legislation. Apparently the health care bill has an item within its contents that overhauls the student loan process for education. For what purpose? What does this have to do with health care? It was likely a bribe for a vote. This legislation whether you deem it good or bad was passed through parliamentary tricks with the majority party pulling out arcane rules to force it through. I go back to one of my original posts concerning the state that had a law where a donkey couldn't sleep in a bath tub. The purpose of this law is no longer valid and I'm sure many of the rules under which congress funtions fit the same mold.

If they don't want to be on the 'New C-SPAN' reality show and have their every move scrutinized, perhaps they shouldn't run for office. That's one reality show I would eagerly watch, tax dodging, extra-marital affairs, back room deals and all. It could be the new 'Truman Show'.


  1. Not that I disagree with any of your points, but the health care bill is no different from any other. Back room deals and bribery shouldn't be part of our country's legislative process, but the health care bill is not the exception, it's the rule. I wonder why it has taken this particular bill to get Average Joe American to realize this and start throwing a fit?

  2. Most likely because common sense isn't common, and it takes something like this that is so obvious to make it even seem like they do it. Come on, if this didn't affect wallets, most still wouldn't care how it got done, just that it got done!

  3. Congress was not established to be perfect or "right" each and every day; neither are any of us for that matter. However, there are fundamental rights and truths, and perhaps doing what is right will ultimately be best for many, many people. Yet, Congress did enact laws that enabled segregation to cease, to allow for equal voting rights, and some day to allow for equal rights for all those who are needlessly discriminated against. You do not have to be afaid, yet simply be kind to your fellow man!

  4. I agree that Congress and any elected officials should have to live under the same retirement rules as everyone else, not their current everything is covered life style. If it's good enough for the rest of us, it's good enough for all of them too. Might get a lot more things fixed if they weren't exempt.

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  6. Does that mean the end justifies the means?