Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another day in paradise

Nineteen years ago today at 6:25pm I said "I do." My Beloved and I have been in bliss since that momentous day. She is my forever person. Don't get me wrong, we have had our blips on the radar but they have been extremely minor. We are just compatible through and through.

To celebrate this day we are embarking on vacation. We are facing the mighty wrath of Old Man Winter as he steels his icy grip on the eastern seaboard. Yes, we are flying to Connecticut. Why you ask? It has the closest big-feel casino that we know of to sin city Vegas. This will be the fourth time in the last five years we have ventured to the New England states. Usually it has been in the fall. It has come to be one of our favorite places to visit up and down the coast. The casino just happens to be an extra perk, as it were.

With winter's fickle fingers about to annihilate the east it could be the first time I am caught in an airport, stranded like bovines and all the people you see on the news. It could be a unique experience, but with My Beloved, it will be worth the trip. Although compatible in most areas I am a believer that couples should pack for their trips seperately. I'll get my stuff and you get yours. That way we aren't bumping into each other every other step. It takes me fifteen minutes to pack and you...well.

We've rarely travelled in the winter months east, usually we have headed west and sunnier spots, meaning Vegas. We'll see how this works out. I'll report back upon our return, hopefully with much more money in our pockets than when we left.

And a happy first anniversary to Handsome Son and Miss Texas as they celebrated their first year of wedded bliss yesterday. See, it doesn't hurt after all.


  1. Why were you looking at your watch at that momentous time? In a hurry to get it over with and reap your rewards?

    You will have to go some to catch Mrs North and myself, but we wish you all the best as you try!

  2. I simply wanted to know what time I got married.

  3. Got you beat - we think we were the inspiration!