Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hurry up and wait

Well, it happened. We never made it out of Baltimore. Old Man Winter wrapped his grip around the east coast and here we sit. Thanks to my daughter we were not locked into the airport. She works in the hospitality industry and was able to book us a hotel near the airport. It hasn't been too bad, at least we are together on/after our anniversary.

If my store ran like an airline, I think this is what it would be like:
"I'd like to shop now." "Let me get you a schedule." "I have to reserve a time?" "Yes, only those with a reservation can shop. Oh, but I can get you in right now." "Super!" "That'll be $25." "Why?" "You have a bag, I'll have to check it." "But I need it to shop." "OK, that can be your carry-on." "I'll get you a cart." "Thanks." "That'll be $25." "Please step through the scanner."
"You'll have to wait for an hour though." "Why?" "It's snowing outside. We don't work in the snow." "But we're inside." "I know but some of my carts are outside and we can't get them inside for an hour. I'll let you know." "Uhm, OK." "Thanks, have seat, I'll call you."

Airlines used to have some great slogans: Eastern, the wings of man; Pan Am makes the going great; Fly the friendly skies of United. The best they have now is Southwest: 'Hey at least we don't charge for bags!'


  1. I hear BWI is beautiful this time of year.

  2. I'm only an 1-1/2 hours away if your interested in a visit! Of course I leave for Australia on Saturday, so maybe that doesn't help much.

  3. Is the weather better in Australia than it is in Baltimore?