Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank heavens it's over

I like football, but really. I enjoy a good game as well as the next guy but the run-up to the Title Game has definitely moved well beyond the absurd. Remember, I can't use the "SB" words or I might get a cease and desist from Gotcha Poundem and Bleed attorneys-at-law. Of course this exercise as a blogger might just classify me as a journalist! (I doubt it.)

I understand fully what the shield has done with the game. They have promoted their most successful event and made it a must-see for everyone, even those who don't care about the game or don't have a dog in the fight. In this one, I had no dog but thought it would be a good game. I only saw a quarter of it as I was flying back from vacation. There is a significant group that tunes in just for the commercials. I'm OK with that. Do what you enjoy. If you're going to be shovel-fed the pregame hype with a backhoe, you might as well get something out of it. And the game itself will likely go down as the most watched television event in history.

Part of the problem is a lack of nearly anything of quality on television. Hmmm, sports pregame for twenty hours or Jersey Shore; I think its a toss-up. The sports channels alone cover everything down to the quarterbacks tieing their cleats. How many times do we need to see former players as analysts tossing a ball on a grass patch in the studio? And on how many channels? In a recent study it was shown the ball is in play for less than twelve minutes during a game. If you take five sports channels alone and count the number of hours devoted to the game beforehand for analysis just on Sunday, that works out to three hours per minute of play. Include Saturday and Friday and the number becomes something only astronomers can calculate with a Cray computer. "Gosh Tony, what do they have to do to win this game?" "Don't turn the ball over. Let's go have a cocktail."

Of course I have the option of not watching which is what I choose to do. Great job Packers, now I don't have to listen to the sizable Steelers rooters in the family for a year.


  1. Here we go Steelers! Here we go! Hoo! Hoo!

  2. I will say, Steelers fans fall into two distinct catagories; those who never shut up and think any trophies should reside in their homes for a moment of time and those who rarely say much. N of 50 fortunately falls into the latter.

  3. Yes, trophies should reside with my favorite teams!

  4. GO PACK GO!! I couldn't resist... I will say it is an awesome experience to be in a small town that wins the "SB".