Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fashion with a cause

I have often been a critic of designers and the fashion industry. Much of what we as a culture have been subjected to covers everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. However, on a recent foray into a menswear area I happened to discover a hidden side to the industry. As a group they have come together to design a style of fashion to help with a unique medical issue.

There is a condition that is difficult to hide and embarrassing to many of those who suffer from its ravages. It involves a specific movement of cells in parts of the body. Often these cells accumulate and put pressure on critical organs. Much like metastasized cells that become transported to particular organs through the vascular system and then settle there, these volatile units mimic those with specific connective tissue disorders.

But I digress. What started for me was a trip to the jeans section. I have not purchased a pair of blue jeans for at least six years. Since then there has been an explosion of styles. I'm used to plain old blue jeans, Levis or Wrangler or some such other brand that will get the job done. To my surprise I was subjected to skinny jeans, low cut, mid-rise, boot-cut to name just a few. I picked out what I thought would fit and dragged them home as I rarely try anything on at time of purchase. To my surprise a relaxed fit style of jean does not conform to known body parts. I had so much excess material beneath my derriere they could have made a balloon for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

It was then I decided to research this topic and stumbled across the orange ribbon organization for the treatment of lardassititiss. I applaud the fashion industry for helping those with this modern day scourge by giving us apparel too large for the normal person.


  1. Typical Thomas - no butt to speak of.

  2. Butt, butt, butt...

    Thanks, Beloved Father! And Sainted Mother, too, I suppose.

    That is one health problem we do not have to concern ourselves with.

  3. You should lobby the fashion industry to also design clothing for those with nobuttititiss.