Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's all in the delivery

Many times what you like or dislike is predicated not only on what you know but often how the material is delivered. We are inundated on a daily, weekly basis with messages from all over. Many of them are corporate driven such as advertisements for products and services. Why do you remember some but not others. It's all in the delivery.

Then there are those things on a more personal level. Perhaps it is religion and faith. Perhaps it is work related. Religion is a funny thing. I likely remember more religious teachings from the nuns and lay-teachers at my Catholic high school than I do from all the priests rolled together. Those of us who have had numerous chiefs at work or in the corporate world likely perform better under some than others. Maybe it is the dedication of some verses the demeanor of another. Some just deliver a better message.

A case in point happened for me several months ago. It was close to St. Patrick's Day and I was thinking about doing something that I shall not currently disclose, as it could happen at a later time. I was scouting around for Irish music when I came across the lyrics for "Danny Boy". It is a beloved tune that has become the anthem of Ireland. For me, I have often thought it was completely over hyped and though I have some green blood, it never pulled on the heart-strings.

Then it happened. I stumbled across that song sung by a group I have only heard in name. They are Celtic Woman. They have several versions and each one makes me go jumpy. In the past, I have only heard this sung by male Irish tenors. To be honest, they pale in comparison to the sounds of Celtic Woman. I sat there for nearly half-an-hour replaying the song from YouTube. I couldn't get away from it. Now most know I am not a musical person by nature but I know what I like. Celtic Woman evokes a different meaning from within the same lyrics I have heard all my life.

So, at some time if you ever think there is a deeper message than the one you are getting, perhaps listen to a different source. Sometimes it's all in the delivery.


  1. It is more likely the song is the anthem of Irish-Americans than the Irish, but that is a mere quibble.

    I agree with your premise, otherwise; seeing or hearing something outside of your previous experience can be quite beneficial.

  2. All one has to do is have heard - or been tortured by - the most recent Bob Dylan Christmas album to understand that, indeed, it is all in the delivery. Or for the older ones in the crowd, to hearken back to the St. John days and the sound of Gene Parsons singing Ave Maria or any number of hymns in church - truly a sound that can never be forgetten, and never should!