Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off the tee

With my schedule at work I tend to lead a very busy life with little time to indulge myself with other activities not directly related to My Beloved and the upkeep of home and hearth. Yesterday however, I was able to take advantage of a day away and enjoy the ultimate man vs self sport of golf. I was able to have this experience with several noted players, North, Handsome Son and Eric the Tall. With the weather in this part of the world it was notably a sloppy mess.

Golf in and of itself is a fun time. I don't take it too seriously because I stink at it. I have not shot a true round of golf, keeping score and everything in nearly five years. I do play once a year at a benefit tourney with Graybeard and it is the only opportunity I get onto a course. That however is a scramble and you don't really keep score. It's a group score. So much the better for me.

As I have played and studied the game there are several rules that I have learned. They are as follows:
The distance the sphere will travel is inversely proportional to the amount of intended force applied.
The slope of a putting green can not be gauged by the normal processes of human optics.
The arc of a perfect pendulum swing produces a spin on the orbital mass resulting in a 45 degree vector from the intended path.
I will lose more balls than I will find.
I'm a nature guy. I enjoy a good walk in the woods.
The cart path is seventy-five yards away from where my ball landed.

All of these are axioms I have discovered while enjoying this game. I am quite sure others have experienced the same and other wonders of this magnificent sport. My ultimate goal is to one day play the left side of a golf course. Until then, keep your putter dry and an eye peeled for the beer cart.

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  1. Someone one said "Golf is a good walk spoiled; I disagree, because even on a bad day at the course, you are not at work.