Monday, May 16, 2011

A Primer for Graybeard

Since Graybeard has entered the brave new world of the internet, at his advanced age, I thought I would provide a brief primer for this blog to enable him to get up to speed.

After he takes his morning dose of Geritol.

First of all, this is a place of civil discourse (see his first comment on the previous post). Typing in all caps is the web equivalent of shouting. If you cannot hear yourself or others talk, either learn to read lips or get a better hearing aid.

You will see references to various people in this blog, each of whom has a nom de web, as supplied by either myself or Robert T.

As the eldest of the clan, and since it is a matching physical description, you are Graybeard. Your first younger brother is The Stache, I am North of 50, next in line is the aforementioned Robert T, followed by Baby Sis. A newer addition to the family is Brother 5. I will leave it to you to decipher that one.

Beloved Father and Sainted Mother are our parents (primers are ever so pedantic at times).

Robert T has his Beloved; I have Mrs North (among other appellations), along with Wonderful Daughter, her husband Eric the Tall, and their children World's Greatest Grandson #1, World's Greatest Granddaughter #1 (and soon to appear: WGGD #2!). There is also Handsome Son, and Dearest Kelley.

Baby Sis is married to Mr Krinkles, and they have together birthed Miracle Baby, Bigfoot, MegaByte, and Princess Drama Queen, and reside in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, appropriately.

Robert T's grandson is Ragin' Cage, and he also spends time with his great nephews, a pair of twin boys who look as if they are descended from WWII-era Soviet generals, although I cannot recall their Russian names. And I still cannot tell them apart, despite seeing them often.

Others have made appearances in these hallowed web pages, and undoubtedly new characters will appear as well.

Happy to have you aboard, Eldest Brother.


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