Sunday, September 18, 2011

And the winner is

Well, it's the day you've waited for all your life. YOU'VE JUST WON BIG BROTHER AND A HALF-MILLION DOLLARS! And if that aint all, Obama just declared a one day no tax day on the day you won! HooRah!

Now, you get to keep it all, what'cha gonna do with it?

Now we all get to play some. First, about half goes into a retirement fund; well because I'm creeping up there and I need something to fall back on when my $500 per month social security checks start coming in. Second, do I pay off the house or not? Hmmm, I'll get back to you on that. Lets call the next one 2b because I'm still thinking about the house. Now, I like my little Isuzu Amigo but it is twelve years old and getting some miles on it. Looks like a new car is next in line. Not sure what kind even though I've been thinking about it lately. Why? Did I mention mine is twelve years old? Perhaps a sports car like a mustang or a sporty two door coupe. I don't live vicariously through my wheels and I'm a cheapskate, perhaps a small pickup.

Okay, so far pretty boring but you have to take care of the basics first. Third; quit my job? Not likely on only 500K. Maybe I just won't work as hard. Fourth; a nice long trip to someplace exotic. Hawaii is a possibility or perhaps New Zealand. Tahiti isn't out of the question. A nice place to scuba with a massive reef. Fifth; still thinking about if I should pay off the house or not. Sixth; my main television just went kaplooey and it needs replace. This time I won't skimp and will get a nice rig with all the latest gadgets, except 3D because that's just stupid.

I'm moving right along now. Seventh; since I have the new TV rig I'll have to spring for HD. I'm too cheap to pay for it now. Eighth; I think another big trip is on the horizon. I'll ask My Beloved this time where she would like to go. Ninth; I may do a small place on the coast as a vacation get-away, did I mention I may or may not pay off the house? And last but not least; hmmm, I'll have to give that last one some thought.

I'll take suggestions.

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  1. Glad your ship came in. Refinance the house for a smaller payment and save even more.