Friday, September 2, 2011

Hand in hand?

I work a lot of hours at my type of position. Due to the nature of retail and the back to school season my recent hours have been about seventy or so. Hey, it's a living (until it kills me). As I was pacing about at the store today I happened to notice two young men leaving the checkout, and they gave me pause to think.

How much work gets done outside of my environment? My duties and those of my staff call for fast-paced work. There's a lot to do and never enough time to do it. We work in a structured environment with a specific dress code. I went to a restaurant this evening with the Mrs and friends. The staff around was busy with tasks and they as well were dressed for their collaborative tasks.

Well, what does that have to do with the two young men I saw earlier in the day? Both were using one hand to hold up their britches. Their hands were so low that I'd bet in the fifties they would be pulled off to the side and arrested for inappropriate behavior. It may be the 'style', but how tiring must it be to have to continually hold onto your pants to keep them from falling to the floor? That sure is a tremendous amount of work 24/7 just to walk around. I always get more done using both of my hands.

I have a new solution that will give them the style they like and give them back the use of both hands. Design a pair of jeans that have a normal waist but the crotch is so long it simply hangs down to around the knees. No one would ever know these were cheater pants because the shirts always hang over the waist down to around the knees as well.

Oh, wait. They have those, they're called maternity pants. That's stylin' for ya!

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