Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do they get it?

If you, like me, watched the President's speech on his jobs bill tonight, it almost gave one hope. For him, it was a fiery message aimed directly at members of Congress with the electorate looking on. For once, it seemed as if at least he, "got it". He put the message of the American people first, at least it seemed. It's time the politicians get the job done and leave the bickering to the first graders.

There will always be hard-liners that will oppose those in power at all costs. That's not the way they would do it. It is time for that thinking to be put aside and the needs of the country put first. The government can't fix this all by itself but it should be tasked with getting the ball rolling.

Do they get it? Only time will tell.

1 comment:

  1. first bill out to be one that says Congress can pass no laws that exempt themselves from the laws that they pass. If we have to deal with it - so should they! No more doble-dipping pensions, no more inflated last year salaries, and use the same health care benefits that everyone else gets.
    I have always wondered why serving in Congress entitles you to a lifetime pension? What were they thinking besides self-interest?