Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To DC with love

We constantly read about the divisiveness in the political world in our nations capital. I as well have rambled about it previously on these pages. Gripe and complain. Gripe and complain. How can we get anything done? How can we as a people and a nation move forward? Well, I'm here to tell ya, it doesn't start or stop there.

Part of my three martini lunch happens to be walking next door to the grocery store and grabbing a steaming hot pocket or something similar. I trek back to the store, pony up my lunch bucket and on occasion, grab the community newspaper. There you will find everything from the local high school sports to job opportunities to puppies for sale and everything in between. You know what else I read? Every week there is a column or report about the local area commission. And guess what, its filled with constant infighting and arguing.

Apparently what happens in Washington starts in the local community chambers and committees. No one sees the greater good of the community they serve, they only see partisan viewpoints and justifying their own positions. Article after article is rife with complaining about one elected member or another. And it's not just the community that is complaining its the elected or previously elected representatives.

The more I read these news reports or the letters to the editor the more I wonder if any of these people ever graduated from high school. Its one big Suzy loves Johnny hates Johnny gripe-fest. I say, lets send them all to Washington and then cut it off and let it float into the ocean. Perhaps it will be hit by a hurricane and we can find someone else to do the job. It couldn't get any worse, although with all the bitching I can see why talented people don't want anything to do with it.

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