Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new phone

It's going to happen, likely very soon. Within the next week or so, okay, perhaps ten days or so, I will be giving up my Jerry Jones flip-phone. I'll be joining the world of the smart-phone.

Hey, if a flip-phone is good enough for a billionaire, why isn't it good enough for me? Well, there are several reasons actually. I have had several instances of people sending me texts that come across as picture mail and I can't read them. At a business conference earlier this year, every time my boss sent out a text for our group of managers to meet at a time or place, I couldn't read it. (Thankfully, I always had one of them in sight. A bar is a good way to make sure that happens).

Although I don't surf the net when I'm not on a computer, mostly at home, there are times when I could have used such a service. Often it is when I need directions or an address. Most other times, I think it's a waste of my time. I'm not judging you, you can do what you want. I'm simply not a slave to technology. It's useful yes, but I have no interest in being continually logged on to the internet 24/7.

Sometimes I wonder how folks become to addicted to their phones. I saw a video today (on my computer) about a woman who went through her day and was surrounded by others who stopped being social because their attention was always on their phone. Now, I understand how technology can be useful, but what does it say about our society? Are we so unhappy with our lives we long for something else? We long for others to contact us? What's wrong with those in the room? It seems we no longer live in the moment with those around us.

Believe me, I'm not that important and I'd rather talk to you than a phone. Sure technology is helpful, it lets all you fine readers of this blog go out and buy my e-books ☺ !

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