Thursday, October 3, 2013

The open road

Ever since I bought my first car, I have always loved the feeling of driving and the open road. There is no greater sense of freedom than having the windows down on a crisp autumn day as you roll down the road. I love the whipping of the wind, the rush of acceleration as you cruise along a two-lane road that turns just a little bit here and there.

Unfortunately, that scenario no longer seems to exist, at least in my part of the world. My daily rides are now reduced to going back and forth from home to work. I jump on a crowded road at 6am and venture forth. At least I know that at this time of day, everyone is doing the same thing; trying to get somewhere. The same is true for leaving work; everyone is trying to get somewhere. They are like me, in a hurry.

Ya know what I can't stand? I can't stand driving after 10am. Have you ever tried to get somewhere after the rush-hour traffic? Can't be done. Why you ask? There surely aren't as many cars on the road. Well, that would be a true statement. What you do find is ... pokey-man and pokey-woman. You know them, the people in life that have nowhere to be or nowhere to go. It seems they just amble about and get in the way of folks who need to get somewhere. These are the people who drive below the speed limit, start braking at every traffic light, even if it's still green, and never, ever accelerate when getting onto a freeway.

Remember the last time you had an open two-lane road ahead of you full of breezy turns and curves? Yeah, me neither. I can't get around the pokey fart in front of me.


  1. You need to come for a visit!

  2. That's why I take the side roads as much as possible, although I almost rear-ended a Fiat at Shannon and Winchester today. Seems the car that was still passing the lumber place on Winchester was TOO CLOSE for her to turn! Taking a trip to Lucasville 10/12, the back roads to Logan to see Mrs. Greybeard's sister. Should be interesting.