Friday, October 18, 2013

Old habits die hard

Wife: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing. Uhm, why?
Wife: Why are you standing there?
Me: I'm eating.
Wife: I can see that. Why are you standing over the sink?
Me: I'm eating.
Wife: I can see that. Why don't you sit down?
Me: Then I'd have to get a plate.
Wife: So?
Me: It'll get dirty.
Wife: I know that.
Me: I'd have to clean it.
Wife: So?
Me: It's easier this way.

Okay, that discussion never really happened but could on any given night that I get home from work after she gets ready for bed. It's surprising how often I eat over a sink when My Beloved is out of town.

So what's the point of this, you ask? It's simple actually, because I'm fairly simple. I paid a visit to my doctor the other day to have my usual checkup. You know, blood pressure, weight, cold stethoscope on the chest. I have a few mild ailments at my age; cholesterol the most pressing. It runs in my family. I suppose for an older guy, I'm in relatively descent shape.

My biggest issue is, I still kinda eat like a seven year old. We didn't have much growing up. I relied on hot dogs and peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and bologna for lunches most of the time. Those habits die hard. I'll come home late and eat just that, a nice PB and J with cold grape jelly. Yum! Breakfast is usually corn flakes or something similar. On a good day, I get raisins! I have weened myself off of Capn' Crunch in the last few years, so, I'm making progress.

My Beloved makes fun of me as I have a tendency to 'graze' in the kitchen. Every time I walk through I snag something and pop it in my mouth, just like a seven year old. You'd think I should weigh 300 pounds but a walking job keeps me in check. Without that, I likely would. I suppose as the years creep up on me, I do need to become more selective in what I eat ...

I really should, I really should, I really should. If I say it, does it make it so? Likely not.


  1. Grape jelly? Yummmm! Unfortunately, I am the only one that like it here - everyone else prefers strawberry preserves. You forgot fried bologna sandwiches, which are even better than pb+j!

  2. Don't eat PB&J anymore, regardless of jelly, and haven't had fried bologna in a while. I especially like it with 2 slices, slit so they don't curl, 2 slices American cheese, and a fried egg, over easy and sloppy, on white bread, untoasted. YUM!