Thursday, October 24, 2013


I drove to the local grocery store today to drop off one of my prescriptions. Don't worry, I'm not going to die. My cholesterol just needs to be kept under control. I slide into the parking lot and see the parking signs which I detest: Courtesy parking for pharmacy customers.

Really? This particular store also has spaces set apart for pregnant women. I see these all the time and I just hate them. I don't have an issue with handicapped (I'm sure someone will take offense to that word but that's what they are) parking spaces but do you need 50,000 of them all across the front of a store? No. Most of them are empty anyway. The first time I saw the pregnancy signs, I about ran one over. I thought exercise was good for preggers. I think it's ridiculous to have so many reserved spaces.

And before you get all mad at me because I'm insensitive to the plight of others, it's not really about the parking spaces at a grocery store. It's about society as a whole who believe they need something special because they have this issue or that. I'm this or that and I have to have someone treat me different because I'm too lazy or stupid to help myself. What ever happened to the notion of taking care of yourself? Why does everyone feel they need special treatment? There are very few people who I believe can't take care of themselves and yes, those people need the help. I'd put that number at a very low single-digit percentage. I think all the rest are just simply lazy and attention-grabbers. As a local radio host I listen to often says; "it's the wussification of America". (check out  @Commonmanradio  97.1 the fan, Columbus, OH).

And for the record, I parked a little further out and didn't park in the pharmacy spaces. Gosh, those five extra steps nearly killed me.

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  1. Best Buy has special spaces for Eco-Friendly Cars, I was so annoyed I parked my big SUV there!