Saturday, February 22, 2014

A different world

I'm a manly man of manly ways with manly means. Okay, I'm kind of a guy's guy. I enjoy sports and physical challenges since the long-lost days of my youth. However, last night, I entered a manly world apart from my manly ways.

I accompanied my cousin Chester the Charmer to a sporting goods store. Now, this wasn't just any sporting goods store. This was an 'outdoors' store. It was filled with all manner of 'stuffed' animals from caribou to beaver to something called a fisher. (I have no idea what a fisher is). It sort of looked like a cross between a opossum and a furry otter.

This store had everything you can think of for the outdoorsman, something I've never quite understood. Why would you want to get away from it all and then take it all with you? They have everything from tents to smokers to guns, ammo, boots, clothing and everything you would need to climb a mountain. Now, seeing as I'm a city/suburb boy, I've never used nearly any of these things, although I could, because I'm a manly kinda guy, you know what I'm sayin'?

Then, we arrived at the gun section. Now, I'm not very familiar with guns, I'm not afraid of them mind you, though I do have a healthy respect for them. Neither am I the guy who's going to tell you you can't have them. I'm still not quite sure why anyone really needs the 'tactical' rifles, as they are called. And there is camo-gear everywhere. Even the guns are camouflaged. It was like walking into a store and not seeing anything because it was all camouflaged!

I was able to watch a beared-hat-guy test fire a crossbow. And believe me, I had entered the world of bearded-hat-guy. I'm sure much of that has something to do with the new Duck Dynasty television craze. For me, I shaved my beard fifteen years ago. There are some worlds I don't need to go back to.

Perhaps some day I will venture into the world of the great wilderness and capture my manly outdoorsman manliness. Someday.

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  1. I believe BigFoot needs to take you camping! Seriously.