Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paper towels

It is amazing how each of us see the same thing differently. Sometimes is may be upbringing, sometimes a difference in culture. And by culture I don't mean America and Asia or Africa or some far-flung world away. I mean, hey, you didn't grow up in my house, kind of culture.

My daughter recently spent some time with us, a few months actually before trotting off to her own place again. Okay, the house is a little more quiet, but...anyway. Lord does that girl go through paper towels when she cleans. Growing up, we used detergent and what we called 'rags' to clean most things. Yep, buckets filled with soap and water and old T-shirts, towels, washcloths, and nearly any cloth item that could be used. We had a 'rag bag' down in the basement they were kept in. Sainted Mother even washed them to keep them clean. We dusted furniture, cleaned cars, scrubbed walls and just about anything else.

My daughter is a paper towel girl. She cleans nearly everything with those. Get the trigger-sprayer and a roll of paper towels and nothing is safe. She cringes when I apply hot, soapy water and a dish rag to the counters to clean them. Hey, the water is very hot and soap, well, soap cleans things. That's what you do with soap.

Okay, I confess I do use paper towels to clean windows and mirrors or any glass surface. Not much more than that, really. Although, newspaper and Windex does a remarkable job on car windshields. I look forward to reducing the expenditure on this over-used item, and anything with a spray-nozzle.

Daughter gone, house back to normal...although she is a really, really good cook. Time to work off the extra five pounds she added to me.

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