Thursday, February 6, 2014

Half a heart

What would our glorious winter season be like without all the holidays thrown it? Boring huh? We get Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick's in a month or so and Valentine's Day. Most are fun and offer several things to do, except for...the V Day.

I have an issue with the big V. Now, I love My Beloved with all my heart, although we don't do much for V Day. Our wedding anniversary is the same month, so I save up all my romantic skills for that day. My issue with V Day is that it has become so one-sided.

On a daily basis, we are inundated with commercials. Perhaps mine are one-sided because I generally have a sports channel tuned in on the radio. Although, I do have some country stations as well, but the thrust of the matter is the same. All these ads are targeted at guys to buy girls the presents! I can't remember a single commercial this year targeted to the women to buy something nice for the guys for V Day. Women get chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Guys get, uhm, let me think...guys get nothin'. Oh, we get a card from Hallmark (or a 99 center from the dollar store).

I think it's time we invent a holiday for men, since V Day has now become a women's holiday. We need Binford Day. Yup, go out and buy a guy a tool day, and if you know of a woman that's into cars or tools, buy her one too! She'll love that Craftsman 150 piece wrench set, or the Binford 5000 thing-a-ma-bob.

Oh, we have that's called Father's Day. That means we're still short a guy holiday on the calendar.


  1. It has been invented! Look up March 14th lol. But, be warned: strong language will follow if you look this up.

  2. I have one problem with V day, as you so graciously call it. My problem happened last year, and it makes it a sad day for me, even though so much pain and suffering was relieved! V day for me is now about remembrance, most specifically of North of 50, but of all those in our family who have passed. I miss them. So, happy V day to you and to all of our family.

  3. I thought I read that sweetest day is actually the buy for the guy V day, but I could be wrong. But like Mary said, it no longer holds the same as before unfortunately