Thursday, February 13, 2014

A year has come and gone

Hello world.
It’s nice to speak to you once again. I hadn’t thought I would grace the pages of this blog another time. It was a wonderful way to reach out to others, to laugh and live and think. Yes, think. Sadly, something I believe that most give little consideration to these days.

A year has come and gone since my untimely demise, and the world has continued to turn. The sun continues to rise and begin a new day, and the moon routinely slips across the star-kissed blackness below. For me, it was a graceful parting, and though my world shrank in my final days, it contained those I love the most. That’s me, off to the right there. I clean up fairly well, don’t you think?

So what have I witnessed in this past year? And I say witnessed, not missed. My beloved Yankees and Steelers have had about as abysmal a season as I could have imagined. Such a disappointment. Well, there's always next year. Glad you weren’t here to see it, you say? Ah, but I watched from on-high. There is the biggest television you can imagine up here, though, apparently God is a Red Sox fan. At least the Buckeyes had a tremendous year. I love it when they beat michigan. God gave me that one for a door prize. Though, my Premier League team Arsenal, is standing tall.

My greatest joy has been watching with anticipation as my children have nurtured, and are at last welcoming my newest grandchildren into their world: Ava Elizabeth, born just days ago, and I still await my name-sake; Hudson Donlee. Though I shall never hold you with my arms, or caress your little cheeks with mine, know always that you shall have my heart, and when you feel a warmth you can’t explain, know that I have kissed you with my breath, with my soul, a soul I have freely given to my Lord.

I have come to realize that much of what transpires below is out of my control. The world is a complex place full of people who are just trying to get by. Life can be hard. Not everyone is dealt the same cards and you simply must play the hand you are given. Sometimes you have a loner, sometimes low no trump. (Just so you know, they don’t allow that Euchre rule up here). I hope I was able to help those I could during my time, be a good friend, a good father and husband. One person can’t help everyone; you can only do what you can. That doesn’t mean you sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by, nor does it mean you have to help everyone. That simply can’t be done. But help someone, lift someone up, and you will feel and be the better for it.

Lastly, to my love, to my beloved wife, my soul-mate. We built a good life, a loving life, and watched our family grow and blossom. Though I have slipped the surly bonds that held my mortal being, know that I am with you always. I ask only that you live your life to the fullest in my absence, and know that we shall kiss again in the heavens above, and I shall hold your hand for eternity.

North of 50

p.s. To my brothers and my dear sister, Mom and Dad say hi!

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