Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cry me a street full

I live near a major metropolitan city. Yep, Columbus, Ohio, which is listed as the fifteenth largest city in the U.S. I have lived here all my life. I lived within the city boundaries most of my life. With that being said, I then have full knowledge of what I speak of.

People are whiners. Yep, whiners. This area is a northern city. Guess what happens in a northern city; winter happens. Guess what winters are full of...besides whiners. Winter is filled with snow and ice and cold and wind. Unlike little boys and girls, that's what winter is made of.

Recently, we have been hit with storm after storm. That's also what happens. Snow piles up and gets on the streets. Within two days of an eight to ten inch snowfall, we're already hearing people cry and moan about their streets not being plowed. As a citizen of this city, quite frankly, you are being unrealistic. Columbus has over 6400 miles of streets to plow. There is simply no way the 'snow warriors' as they are called, have the time to get to your little street. Deal with it. Their job is to get the primary arteries and main streets open and passable.

Why would you believe your small residential street is important enough to take priority. With the schools closed for three days, which is a topic for another ramble, don't you think that is a slightly higher priority? Our lives have just become too comfortable and we as citizens too spoiled by what we have. Too many expect the governments, be it city, state or federal to make them as comfy as possible. Quite whining about your street and go dig your own car out. Take some accountability and shovel your sidewalk. Most can't be bothered with shoveling their own sidewalk, which for most is about fifty to seventy feet long, yet expect the city to have their street plowed in forty-eight hours.

Just be grateful you don't live in rural areas. The snow goes away in the spring. Nature is the plow. I'm sorry this is such a hardship on your life, but I'm tired of hearing about it. All news channels should be banned from interviewing whiny citizens about their tiny, little street. Don't like the weather? Move to Atlanta. They know how to handle winter down there.

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