Sunday, November 29, 2009

Food! Glorious food!

That is a brief quote from the musical, "Oliver", which became a movie in my youth.

And, to paraphrase Leslie Gore (use a search engine, youngsters!): It's my stomach and I'll put in it what I want to.

A sampling of some of my long-time favorites:
- steak, medium rare
- pot roast
- roast bests of various kinds: cattle, pigs, deer, fowl, rabbit, lamb
- red skin potatoes
- lumpy mashed potatoes
- green beans w/bacon or ham
- cheese
- glazed carrots
- pizza! especially cheese pizza
- ice cream
- Dr Pepper
- coco wheat
- oatmeal w/raisins
- oatmeal raisin cookies
- spaghetti
- my homemade chili
- my homemade applesauce
- goulash

SOME NICE THINGS I'VE MISSED (Frank Sinatra's "comeback" album)
Newer additions to my culinary repertoire:
- spicy foods
- occasional Chinese foods
- red wine vinaigrette on a meatball sub
- sundried tomato bagels
- Herr's red hot chips

GO AWAY, LITTLE GIRL (Steve Lawrence)
I have removed these items from my dietary wanderings, many because I ate way too many of them as a wee lad:
- tapioca pudding
- butterscotch pudding
- snickerdoodles
- circus peanuts
- coconut cream pie
- egg nog
- black licorice
- spice gumdrops
- no-bake cookies

I WILL SURVIVE (Gloria Gaynor)
Things I absolutely will not eat unless tied down and force-fed:
- salad
- potatoes au gratin
- scalloped potatoes
- liver
- sauerkraut
- stinky vegetables
- burnt popcorn
- shrimp, lobster, crab
- potato salad
- deviled eggs
- pickles
- three-bean salad
- pasta/macaroni salad


  1. It's funny how we have such different tastes growing up in the same house! I adore black licorice, snickerdoodles, egg nog, no-bake cookies, spice gumdrops, pickles, deviled eggs, shrimp, lobster, crab, potato salad, coconut and most any puddings. I don't however, do many spicy foods, as they don't agree with me and my mild allergy to peppers and raishes. Oh, I don't do salt!

  2. I'm with BabySis, without the black licorice, gumdrops, lobster, crab, coconut, and some puddings. No spicy foods, and allergic to radishes. Not sure about peppers, and I can take more salt then her. Like mother, like daughter, I guess