Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's awesome; grabbing a rising wave out past the breakers, paddling in until you hit that sweet spot and the wave begins to break. You have just seconds to get up on the board, stand in front and ride it in. No, not that kind of surfing. I've never done that, been to Hawaii though and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once (I think).

I'm talking about surfing channels on the telly. Everyone has their own way and what they look for. I don't actually watch much television, at least by myself. About the only time it is on is when My Beloved watches. I often am in the same room to sit together but she controls the remote. I don't mind because as often as not there is nothing that interests me coming from the box.

When it is my turn I have very defining patterns. My search starts in the lower bands and the 'broadcast' stations. Normally a quick click click click reveals nothing. The next parade flips though popular secondary stations such as TBS or similar that mostly rebroadcast movies. They are usually quickly plowed through. If I don't recognize the title a very quick synopsis judgment takes place; a poignant story of 'click', a telling coming of age 'click'. Both of those are an immediate death sentence and I won't even go to Lifetime or Hallmark unless it is Christmas time. There are, however two movies that will stop me in my tracks. War movies or aliens flicks you ask? Nothing takes the cake like a massive invasion or John Wayne or Robert Mitchum fighting the Germans. Anzio is one of my favorites but I haven't seen it in years. No. for some reason 'An American President' and 'Dave' always stops me fast. I'm not sure exactly why. Perhaps it is my feminine side needing the comfort of a chick flick.

Then it is on to what I mostly settle on, the higher numbers of science channels, discovery channels and history channels and the military channel. I am prone to watching these types of shows and learning something new. Rarely do I watch much sports as I am often tuned to sports radio. On a day off that is what occupies my time as I fumble around the house doing chores and fixing things. Having speakers wired throughout our abode is great. I can amble from room to room and never miss a beat. You can't do that with television. My Beloved gets nervous each time she sees me with a new batch of wires in my hand. 'What the hell are you doing now' is the typical refrain. She gets even more nervous when I start adding electrical wires to things but that is another subject.

Perhaps some day I will evolve and watch different things on the telly. Perhaps not, or I might just rip it out completely and save a whole bunch of money in the process.


  1. If I am on my own, a quick flip through Espn, Espn2, Fox Sports Ohio, Discovery, Fox News, Big Ten Network, and History Channel are my progressions.

    I go through those faster than some QBs I know of go through their progressions.

    If I am in the family room where I can hit the digi box, I will flip through Fox Soccer Channel and EspnU as well.

  2. Real surfing IS fun, though.

  3. Telly?? When did you become a Brit?

    I just start at the top of the guide and work my way down selecting a program until I find something better. Usually something on the educational channels or hgtv/food type channels. Or a movie that looks good. Tim usually has control, though. And then there's the DVR, so we often have recorded programs to watch instead of surfing.

    I too like American President & Dave and can watch them over and over.