Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey, what time is it?

I returned home from a visit to my mother-in-laws house with a slightly puzzled thought. As I stood in the kitchen getting a bottle for my grandson, because that's what real grandfathers do, I noticed all the clocks. She had a clock on the microwave, a clock hanging on the wall, a clock on the table by the television and a clock on the coffee pot. All this was in a space that couldn't hold half of an offensive line. I walked into the living room and she had a clock on the television and one on the cable tuner. That's a lot of clocks for someone in their seventies. What does she have to be on time for?

Then I returned home and looked at my kitchen. I have a clock on the stove, one in the microwave and one on the clock radio. From that same spot I can see into the family room and there is one on the cable box and a battery clock one shelf over. As I make my way into the dining room there is one built into the thermostat as it happens to be one that is programmable. Did I mention there was one on the laptop sitting in the family room, one in the phone in the kitchen and one on the coffee pot? That's nine clocks so far and I haven't even been in the living room where there is a clock that doesn't work and God only knows how many are on the gadgets in the den where the other computer equipment is.

I'm willing to bet that out of those no four have the same time. I'll bet if I go look upstairs in the bedroom areas there is at least one clock in each room and I'll bet two in at least two rooms. I know there is one in the garage and one or two in the basement and the only thing the basement is used for is storage and my workshop.

In an effort to help out with the global warming thing, forget about all the stuff plugged in that uses power even when it's not on. I'll bet if we unplug three-fourths of all the clocks we could ratchet that temperature thing back to about 1950 levels, or at least save an hour twice a year when daylight savings rolls around.

Did I mention I was wearing a watch?

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