Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toilet paper

Toilet paper used to come in just a 4-roll package in either single or two-ply, and in one "softness", read, little.

There was also the industrial strength abrasive tissue-thin single-ply that came in all public restrooms, hard on the tushie and a decidedly bad use of the forest it once was. I believe it was (literally) made from hardwood trees.

Nowadays, your grocer has shelves of all types of TP: soft, plush, ultra soft, with aloe and Vitamin D, weaves and ripples, unbleached, perfume-free, and who knows what else. And a regular 4-roll package just won't do, either. It is all about double rolls in packages of 6, 9, 12, 16 or more; they have even come up with mega-rolls that need an extender on your holder just to fit it in place.

Under the category of "too much information" is the now-familiar statement on many brands: "made from 100% post-consumer content".

I really do not want to know exactly what that means. I hope I am wrong, but (butt?)seriously, folks, re-cycled toilet paper?!?

As my Sainted Mother used to say, (in reference to something else) "You don't know where that has been!"

Actually, we do, and I really don't want any part of it!


  1. I knew this thread would descend into the gutter eventually!!!

  2. Well, you know what our family is like! I blame it all on Graybeard. Just because.