Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I survived Craigslist

Well, it was bound to happen at some time. I survived my first direct internet scam attempt this week. As I regularly have bouts of 'get-rid-of-it-itis', recently I posted my drafting table and a new chair on the wonderful world of Craigslist. I posted a picture and price and within hours I was contacted.

Please sir, take down your posting and I will send you your $250. I am satisfied just by the picture alone. Send me your name and mailing address so I can send you this CERTIFIED CHECK! OK I replied.
Sir, your check will be delivered today. You can contact me after you have cashed it and my mover will be by to get it. OK, I again replied.
I was getting dubious as in his email he stated he had a bad stammer and did not like to call people. I assumed his 'stammer' also happened at the keyboard as his English and typing skills suffered from the same ailment. I was beginning to wonder if he had relatives in Nigeria. Then it happened.

Please sir, my secretary made the check out for too much ($2500). Please cash it and send the balance to my mover in Texas and keep an extra $100 for your troubles. DING DING DING DING, and the claxons sound. I replied I don't care that your secretary is a moron, if you have a return address I will mail your check back to you. Our business is concluded.

I haven't heard from him again. It's amazing how many dirtbags are out there. Anyone want to buy a great old drafting table?

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