Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's all about me

Do you ever wonder why famous folk feel they have to speak every five minutes? Geez...get a blog!

I don't begrudge how people make their money or the built-in advantages some people start out with in life. Some come from wealthy families and that in itself it a tremendous head-start on the rest of us. In those cases I would hope they use their advantage in a positive way. Others are strikingly beautiful or handsome when compared to the rest of the population. That as well is an advantage as the world favors those who are more attractive. If that advantage is not combined with other traits then all you have is another Paris Hilton. Hardly worth the print on page and just short of working in low-level porn. Life is not fair and we all need to take whatever advantages we have.

I've often said if it wasn't for ugly people like me no one would know how good looking you are. Therefore all the attractive people should owe me a quick thank you.

LeBron James has used his abilities to excel in sports. I don't follow NBA much. I know who the most talented players are and what teams they are on and being from the Midwest, I know LeBron. He is one who has tremendous built-in advantages. He is 6'7" tall, approximately 240 pounds with an athletic build. From all I can gather he is one of the truly 'nicer guys' in sports and has some 'smarts' to go along with his abilities.

In a recent quote section of the paper he was heard saying (in effect) if he focused all his energy and talent toward football he would be a very good player no matter what team he was on.

LeBron, if I was 7 foot and 340 pounds I could play against Shaq. I'm not, be quiet and go play basketball.

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  1. Based solely on what I had heard about him (most of it rumors) while he was in high school, I fully expected LeBron to be an idiot prima dona, a jerk, and a real a-hole.

    From what I have heard and seen, without paying any attention, really, to the NBA, he seems to have his head on straight so far.