Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A new cover

One of the things you learn as an author is ... nothing you ever do or write is perfect.

If you ever go back and re-read what you wrote years ago, you might actually choke on the words. "Wow, I really wrote that?' You might shudder or you might think, 'wow, that was really good. I rocked it!' Times don't really change the writing much. More often than not it's the other things that get influenced as times change and readers adapt to popular culture.

My novel White Staff took a cue from the title of Star Wars. The graphic was developed to resemble that original movie. That was then, this is now. To give the readers of fantasy a more genre-specific style of cover, a friend of mine came up with a new design.

And here it is ...

I think it better reflects the nature and character of the story. I hope you agree. I think she rocked it!

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