Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rod -n-roll

It is a beautiful weekend in the capital city and there is a real treat for car lovers this weekend. The Good Guys are in Columbus!

For those who aren't familiar, is an association of automobile enthusiasts that show, swap and sell vintage cars and street rods. I have always loved street rods. Some of my favorite movies from years ago have great scenes of these slick machines running up and down the streets of SoCal. I remember Hollywood Knights, American Graffiti and others. Some day I'd love to own a classic rod. (Sigh, that's a really big wish).

That got me to thinkin'. If we jumped fifty years into the future, what cars do we have today that would be seen in that same vein? Likely not too many. Many look just like each other now-a-days. Some might consider something like the HHR or the PT Cruiser. Newer models like the older plates that came back; Mustang and Camero or the Challenger. I think few of the jelly-bean shaped cars would draw much attention.

I think of course the very expensive cars like Porsches and Lamborghinis would draw the attentions of crowds 50 years from now, but I don't think very many everyday cars would have the cache that some of the older ones do now.

Well, here's hoping I'm around to find out. Wouldn't it be cool to climb back into your favorite car from 2013 in 2050? I think that would be awesome. Incidentally, the first car I ever owned is now 42  years old; 1971 Torino. It was candy-apple red with a black vinyl top. Sweet!


  1. Blue dodge - we used to say you could put 12 dead bodies in the trunk on a cold thanksgiving day and nobody would ever find them due to the large interior of the trunk! Been too long, and I can't remember the make. Sorry - oh so not a car person like Big Foot. Any of the bros remember? maybe a Daytona?

  2. Big blue was a Dodge Polaris. It was so big it came under attack at Pearl Harbor.