Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who is that, anyway?

Good morning my brother. I thought of you this morning as I was heading into work. I was listening to Mike and Mike on the radio, ya know just keeping up with the world of sports. I only heard a short stint but it was a good one, one of your favorites.

Instead of getting a listen to news of your Yankees and the big drug scandals, I was treated to Frank Caliendo. I know he was always one of your favorites. He is so talented. I remember how we would talk about hearing him, though I don't think we ever had the chance to listen to him together. Not like the times we would listen to George Carlin records, or Bill Cosby. Funny!

Caliendo has some new voices he's working on. Some of them were sportscasters, though none were quite as polished or immediately recognizable as his famous John Madden, although his impression of Mel Kiper Jr. was nearly spot-on. He did a small bit of Madden at the end. Remarkable. He threw in some Jim Rome as well. He said Rome never quite appreciated his bit but Charles Barkley loved his skewer of him.

In the end, he let loose a new one I hadn't heard; he did a remarkable Morgan Freeman as he plugged his latest show at the Borgata in New Jersey. I think you would have been impressed with that one. He nailed it.

Talk to you later...


  1. Touching, very touching...missing him terrribly. But know that there are other brothers (and a sister) around as well, with a new challenge - and opportunity - to add to our own relationships (also years old!). Clearly not the same as having had such a close relationship with Don, from sharing a room together to living so close over so many years, but always and forever, your family, your brother!

  2. I heard that bit as well. The Morgan Freeman impression was hysterical.