Friday, March 22, 2013

Danger Will Robinson

There is a new commercial out I have now seen twice. It is an ad for the Chevrolet Sonic, a slick-looking little car that is marketed to the younger generation. The action, because all good car commercials must have action, shows the driver riding this car down the street like a skateboarder bouncing off every object in sight. At the bottom of the screen the words suddenly pop up something to the effect that the Sonic is not a skateboard. Do not attempt.

In our country, yes and the world, we are facing the burdensome problems of population. We are projected as having over seven billion people alive and consuming the raw materials our blue marble offers, pushing it to the brink. I have a solution to the problem. Take away all the warning labels and messages that litter every product you can buy. The issue isn't excessive birth rates. The issue is we have taken away nature's level; due to warnings of every little thing, and most of them stupid, we have eliminated the process of natural selection. Too many stupid people survive to breed and create more stupid people because we have too many warnings.

If you can't figure out you're not supposed to cut your bushes with a running lawn mower, well, you get my point.

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  1. That's too funny - I was thinking of that example and you listed it!