Saturday, March 30, 2013

Support your local author

Good morning the blessed Easter Sunday.

We have another entry into the 'support your local author' promotion. This week, meet Barbara Mack. This novel is a quarter-finalist in the CreateSpace 'A Breakthrough Novel' contest. It hasn't gone any further simply because semi-finalists haven't been announced yet! Barbara's entry has received acclaim among the ten-thousand total entries. Yep, you read that right, ten-thousand entries.


Desperate to escape the memories of an abusive marriage, Maggie flees to the wilds of Missouri and her Uncle Ned. He is the only family she has left, and she needs his help.Nick Revelle's marriage had taught him plenty about the perfidy of women, and since his wife's death he has lived a lonely, solitary life. Everyone except his closest friends thought that he'd killed his unfaithful wife. If it wasn't for the testimony of his head stableman, Ned, he might even have hung for a crime he hadn't committed. So when Ned asked him to employ his niece, the answer was a resounding yes, even though he knew that women were not to be trusted. He never imagined that hiring Maggie would start a fire inside him.Nick needs a housekeeper and Maggie needs a quiet place to heal. It seemed the perfect bargain, but neither took into account the nearly irresistible heat they generated together. Maggie dares to dream of starting a new life with Nick. Unless, of course, he discovers the real reason she fled St. Louis and that she'd been lying to him from the very beginning...In this stirring novel of redemption, two lonely, damaged people find salvation in the very emotion they swear doesn't exist - love.

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