Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday morning authors tour

Good morning readers! It's snowing outside my window today. Next weekend is daylight savings time so it will be snowing an hour earlier. (Ha, ha). It's a good thing I don't write comedy. I don't write contemporary romance either though I do know a few who do. One successful young lady is Suzie O'Connell. She is currently promoting her book, 'Summer Angel' of her 'Angel Series'. Take a look at her works here:

Five years ago, Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Conner killed a man.  If that were the worst of it, he could have swallowed the guilt, but the man had a son—an eleven-year-old boy who was now no one’s son.  Ben buried himself in shroud of self-loathing and pushed away everyone, even his best friend June Montana, the one woman who might have been able to help him.

 Set in the breathtaking mountains of Montana and spiced with a balance of humor, suspense and characters that will steal your heart, Summer Angel is a classic story of friendship and love.

If you are a fan of contemporary romance with a bit of suspense and intrigue, take a look at the Angel Series. 

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