Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday morning bookstore

It's the Saturday morning book show once again. (Okay, so it's really Friday night. Too bad. I have to be to work at 6 a.m. so I'm putting this wonderful story up now.)

Today we bring you another wonderful story from indie author Jess Allison. This trip into the bookstore brings out a fantasy / sci-fi tale set on the mysterious world of D'Az.

THE ROAD TO CORDIA by Jess Allison
In the country of Cancordia, on the planet D’Az,  set on the edge of the sea, is an isolated  Fisherfolk village. In this village people are dying who could have been saved. Ja'Nil (very much against her will) is sent to the Royal Court in the city of Cordia to find a healer.
  At one time the country of Cancordia was known for its safety, but now you take your life in your hands when they travel the roads. There are slavers, tricksters, dragons, and werewolves, powerful warlords, and ladies with mysterious and terrible gifts.
  One of the people Ja'Nil meets along the way is a handsome young man named Ee'Rick. They decide to travel together. Only much later does she discover Ee'Rick's secret.
At the Palace, the Queen is having troubles of her own. Before Ja'Nil and Ee'Rick reach the city, traitors put their plan into action. Suddenly the two travelers find themselves caught up in the middle of a deadly political coup.
Instead of finally being safe, the most dangerous part of their adventure has just begun. But Ja'Nil is developing a little magic of her own, and Ee'Rick is an incredibly efficient warrior. Even so, Ja'Nil’s journey to Cordia is turning into an experience she may not survive.
  The Road To Cordia is the first in a series of Cancordian Fantasy Adventures.

Hope you enjoy this work and don't forget, support you local (or favorite) indie author.

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