Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday late night books


Welcome to the Saturday Late Night Book feature. Yes, most of the time I do this in the morning but as a retail kinda guy, sometimes it just doesn't work into my schedule. But what does work is this book. As an author myself I like to pass on works from other authors I know.

This weeks feature is from Jess Mountfield where the reader is thrown into the ago-old battle between science and religion.

Sherdan has spent many years planning for the future. Now he's in control and he is expected to forge a fresh new start for the people in his program, people he has shaped and can’t abandon, but Britain's PM has other ideas and Sherdan must face the full might of the UK. On top of all this he has to face the one thing he never expected to feel; love.

Anya is on a mission from God to find out why she has been sent to the heart of Bristol, and what she can do to stop the world being plunged into war. When she finds herself forced to pick a side and join the fight, only her faith in God can see her through.

Sherdan's Prophecy is a tale of high stakes and political intrigue. A science fiction novel where faith and technology come together to take the human race another step closer to the final showdown. Where a few select people make decisions on behalf of many. A gritty account of power that shows both the best and the worst of humanity.

I hope you enjoy this book. Happy reading!

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